1. What is social enterprise? ​

According to the explanation of HK government, an SE is a business to achieve specific social objectives such as providing the services (such as support service for the elderly) or products needed by the community, creating employment and training opportunities for the socially disadvantaged, protecting the environment, funding its other social services through the profits earned, etc. Its profits will be principally reinvested in the business for the social objectives that it pursues. In other words, the primary objective of an SE is to achieve its social objectives, rather than maximizing profits for distribution to its shareholders.



WEDO GLOBAL, a social enterprise advocating multicultural education, was established in 2011. We plan and arrange various multicultural workshops, local walking tours and overseas experiential tours with people of different cultural background to offer opportunities for participants to learn different cultures, interact with people of different cultural backgrounds and reflect the differences between different cultures to enhance the cultural sensitivity and global vision.

As a social enterprise, we are different from normal travel agents. First, the activities we organized are community-based, and we care about our social partners. For example, we visit different social enterprises to know more about their vision and support them by action. We also employ ethnic minorities living in Hong Kong to co-create and lead the guided tours about cultures of ethnic minorities in Hong Kong. We provide working opportunities for them to enhance their skills, so as to achieve the effect of teaching one how to fish rather than just giving one a fish. They also have the chance to introduce their own culture to others, which is good for participants to have more inspiring experience. 

We consider the benefits of the society and community partners while providing high quality cultural experience to participants so as to achieve a win-win situation. We do not emphasize to maximize the business return but we aim to sustain our business in the long run. Extra profits are reinvesting into WEDO GLOBAL for community project development in Hong Kong and other parts of the world.


1.Can I trust WEDO GLOBAL?


WEDO GLOBAL is a private company registered in Hong Kong. We are one of the first 20 social enterprises in Hong Kong to receive the Social Enterprise Endorsement Award (endorsed by City University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong General Chamber of Social Enterprises). We are also listed in the SE Directory of SEBC and registered as an associate member of HKGCSE. You can trust WEDO GLOBAL as we value honesty, respect, equal and hospitality to provide professional services for our customers.



1. How can I book your service?

We provide group booking service. In our website, please go to the activity you would like to join, then you will see the customize button. You may fill in the booking form located at the right hand side. We will reply by e-mail within 5 working days.

2. What can I do if I do not get any reply after booking?

Please contact us at 2157 2181 or notify us by e-mail. E-mail address[email protected] .We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.

3. How many days in advance should I book the tour?

We suggest you to book HK Social enterprise and cultural tour 3 weeks before the tour. For Overseas Culture Experience, we recommend you to start preparation at least half year before the experience.

4. Is there a quota for participants joining your programs?

As HK Social enterprise and cultural tour involves the community, we suggest a smaller group size with minimum 15 participants and maximum 30 participants in a group in order to ensure our service quality. For Overseas Culture Experience, we provide customized experience for 15 participants or more.


5. What languages do you provide for HK Social enterprise and cultural tour?


We will provide Cantonese / Putonghua / English for HK Social enterprise and cultural tour. Please contact us for details.


6. Will the activity continue if there is bad weather?


The activity will be automatically cancelled if there is Gale or Storm Signal No. 8 or above, and/or Black Rainstorm Signal 2 hours before the tour. WEDO GLOBAL reserves the right to adjust the tour details and make final decisions according to the actual situation.




1. Will WEDO GLOBAL organize which are not listed in the website?


We provide customized service for different groups according to their objectives, including local guided tour, workshops, overseas program or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. Please contact us for details.