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Shing Pao Column-Taipei/ Alisan Series (conclusion)


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「Local」footprint - Ethical Consumption 2016 WEDO GLOBAL promotional video 10/09/2016


Social enterprise tour - Visiting Sikh Temple with us 21/07/2016


Discovery Tour to South Asian Community 12/06/2016


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Interview by TVB Y Angle 13/02/2016


Interview by TVB Y Angle 17/10/2015


Do Well Do Good Entrepreneurship - WEDO Global 16/07/2015


HKSEC 2013 Grand Final Presentation - WEDO Global


The Hong Kong Polytechnic University-以心創業 讓愛同行


Annual report of Chun Wo Development Holdings Limitied-Corporate social responsibility report



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Lighthouse CLUB, Asia Pacific Region-Socially Responsible - Chun Wo commits to conscientious development


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DBS-First foundation in Singapore to champion social entrepreneurship awards grants to 11 social enterprises


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From the Secretary of Home Affairs Bureau 


良心足印(上)老人家真人Show 10/03/2015


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