100 FUN Chinese Class


The 100 Fun Chinese Class is organized by WEDO GLOBAL, a local social enterprise that advocates multicultural education. The aim is to provide free Chinese classes to the South Asian Primary 4 to Primary 6 and Secondary school students so that they can enhance their interest in Chinese and their ability to read, write and understand in a Cantonese-speaking environment outside of school, and assist them with their homework they find difficult.     Moreover, we will use the "Q9 Input Method" to help students understand Chinese characters and enhance their memory of Chinese characters so that they can learn to type as well.    


The Features of “The 100 Fun Chinese Class”:    

1) Multi-learning support: Through interactive teaching, assisting students to revise Chinese and teaching basic Chinese input methods. 

2) Interactive and Activity teaching: Encourage students to participate actively through various fun activities designed by the instructors, such as games and sharing. Students also have more time to get in touch with Chinese and enhance their Chinese foundation. 

3) Teaching Chinese input method: By teaching students how to type, let them familiarize with the Chinese strokes and strengthen their memory of Chinese characters. 

4) Instructor group: Chinese and non-Chinese mentors work together to teach, and each of them develops their own strengths to bring more comprehensive Chinese teaching to students.    

We have invited the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC) to provide professional training to our mentors, and experts share the methods and relevant experience of teaching non-Chinese students. In addition, non-Chinese mentors can be role models for students to boost their confidence level and interest in learning Chinese.    


“The 100 Fun Chinese Class” Details:    

Date: October 2018 to June 2019 

Suggested time-slot: 2 sessions every week, each session 1.5 hours (Can be further discussed with school) 

Target: Non-Chinese Senior Primary students and Secondary students 

Venue: Respective schools 

Number of students: Up to 20 students per class 

Number of instructors: 2 per class (One local and one non-local instructor)    




Recruitment for Tutors:    


**Welcome Chinese and non-Chinese people to register!!!**    

Registration link: 



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