Episode 10: The huge transformation in clothing

In today's episode, we will be switching to the hit topic -clothing. Our South Asian hosts will be discussing about Pakistani and Nepalese's ways of dressing up. What are the specialties of their own traditional clothing and the difference between men and women. They have their own grace in their traditional dressing.

In the "Guess What" section, we will be guessing words related to clothing described by our host Eric. Can you guess which color of attire Umar think is suitable for every situation? Subba will be sharing the get-up of Nepalese banking industry, what's the singularity with Hong Kong. Watch out for it!

"Time To Share" section will be all about the three stages of wearing a hijab with the experience of one south Asian hosts' made to order attires. In "Amazing Race "segment, we conducted a interview with a Nepalese garment shop owner, she will be opening up about Indian and Nepalese ways of dressing and the accessories used. what is the difference between visitors coming to a Nepalese shop and the local ones? Remember to tune in.


Broadcasting date: 18th June 2016

Time: Saturday night 21:00-22:00

Channel: RTHK Digital Channel 31



Eric Cheung





Archive for Episode 10: http://bit.ly/28MrUNb​

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