Episode 11: Let's show you what is discrimination and stereotype

We will kick off today's episode with some stereotypes of discrimination just like "Are you Indian" "Are you Muslim " with some interrogations and intolerance that South Asians have been facing in Hong Kong. In the "Guess What" session, you will have the chance to guess some wordings described by Eric tie in with the way that south Asians are characterized in. How they cope with these obstacles? Stay tuned to listen.

In "Time to Share" session, our South Asian hosts shared their experience that they might just claim falsely about not knowing Cantonese even if they are aware of people talking about them. We conducted an interview with our Indian friend Mr.J who will be sharing his experience of growing up in the 70s with the way his friendship with the Chinese grows. So stay tuned for the amazing discussion.


Broadcasting date: 25th June 2016

Time: Saturday night 21:00-22:00

Channel: RTHK Digital Channel 31



Eric Cheung






Archive for Episode 11http://bit.ly/28X9hmU

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