Episode 12: Do you read me? The South Asian education in Hong Kong

Language barrier is a common challenge nowadays,specially with South Asians. There is always a question on how the non-Chinese learn Cantonese? Do they have any interesting incidents to share? Let's dig up into it in today's episode. In "let's Guess" section, we will get together and make some guesses on the topic of education described by Eric. What is so extraordinary about them attending tuition classes during their school days. Stay in touch to hear the amazing conversation.

Our host Zaref along with FantasTAKE band specially self-recorded song "carry on till tomorrow" for our program "The Cultural Voyage" to all our audience!

In "time to share" section, our South Asian hosts will share about their parents' call for education as well as their own expectations. What is the difference between their hometown and Hong Kong's development of knowledge? What will be the punishment if they misbehave? Our host Mujahida had a conversation with her college principal, not only she will share her experience of becoming a principal. Additionally, the deviation between non-Chinese school and the mainstream ones. How they convey the message of different culture and reach out for multicultural society? Stay tuned!


Broadcasting date: 2nd July 2016

Time: Saturday night 21:00-22:00

Channel: RTHK Digital Channel 31



Eric Cheung






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