Episode 7: Travel with ethnic minorities

​Travel, ​one of the most ​popular topic​s amongst youth​ will be discussed​ in this episode​! ​To start with, ​hosts will talk about their favorite travel destination​. They will also share if​ it is common for South Asian ethnic minorities to go travel​ ​or not.​ In "Guess What" section, they get to guess some ​words related to travel​​. ​Our host Zaref​ will share an interesting "pre-wedding activity" he and his brother did when they felt bored. ​If you ​want to know whether South Asian ethnic minorities have Home Return Permit ​or not, you will have to listen to this episode​~ ​

In the “Time To Share" section, our hosts will recommend some attractions in Hong Kong for tourists to visit and their first hand experience as cultural ambassadors of a social enterprise including Islamic and Sikh cultural walking tour. In "Amazing Race" section, we will interview the founder of WEDO GLOBAL and he will share his thoughts behind organizing cultural walking tour. Cultural ambassadors Himie and Balwinder will be sharing their experience and reflection on leading cultural tours as well as sharing with you the most common way of greeting in Sri Lanka, stay tuned ~


Broadcasting date: 28th May 2016

Time: Saturday night 21:00-22:00

Channel: RTHK Digital Channel 31



Eric Cheung






Archive for Episode 7: http://bit.ly/1U4GHEt​

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