Episode 8: The fun before and after marriage

In this episode, all South Asian girls group will discourse their little secrete about dating and marriage, the topic will be "The Fun before and after Marriage". In "Guess What" session, Eric would describe words related to marriage and the relationship between men and women. Feel free to join us and see if you can guess the words faster than our hosts. Our host Mujahida will share some special moments which she encountered during her recent marriage in Pakistan. And about the the monetary wedding gift ,how much should the guests give in order to show respect?

"Time to share" session will discuss the restriction about marriage, is it allowed to divorce or not? We conducted an interview with Indian basketball player and actor, how was his wedding with a Chinese wife? The life afterwards? They even had a special ceremony for their children while deciding their names.

It's interesting to hear that there is also a section which the groom would be challenged. Friends with diverse age, gender, religion and cultural backgrounds gather together to produce stunning songs for the Cultural Voyage. Our host Zaref together with local band called FantasTAKE band have specially recorded a song for our audience. Looking forward to it! It's really interesting, remember to tune in~


Broadcasting date: 4th June 2016

Time: Saturday night 21:00-22:00

Channel: RTHK Digital Channel 31



Eric Cheung





Archive for Episode 8: http://bit.ly/1syeSrS​

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