Internship Program Summer 2019 @ South Korea


The WEDO GLOBAL Summer 2019 internship is now open for application. The internship focuses on social enterprises in South Korea. Interested students are welcome to apply online at



11 March - 15 April 2019: Open for Application

23 - 26 April 2019: Selection Interview and Matching of Social Enterprises

30 April 2019: Result announcement

May 2019: Briefing and Preparation session (3 hours)

June - July 2019: 4 weeks Internship in South Korea


Why join

Social enterprise refers to sustainable business in solving social problems. It is a global trend of Social Innovation. International internship experience also sharpen your cross-cultural communication skills, problem solving skills and prepare you for your future career. Interning abroad and working in a social enterprise will be an even bonus point for you to learn about the social issues and actual operation in a different cultural context.


Who should apply

We welcome undergraduates and postgraduates, both local and international, who are seeking meaningful internships that align with their academic concentrations or personal interest. Applicants must be 18 or older by May 2019.

The program is geared towards motivated, future-minded students whose ambitions are to seek unique experiences that help them advance to the forefront of this competitive global economy. Ideal applicants are self-motivated, mature both professionally and interpersonally, and eager to learn about local culture and social issues.


Registration Deadline: 15 April 2019

Space is limited! Every Social Enterprise can intake 2-3 interns in order to provide work guidance and support. Please register online and submit the required documents as early as possible!


Details of Hosting Social Enterprises

1) PR agency

It provides social PR services and supports for non-profit organizations and social enterprises. It organizes events to help enterprises promote their products and services through different channels, including Facebook, Instagram and Naver’s blogs, in order to boost sales. It also takes up the role as a consultant, and helps enterprises formulate marketing strategies after analyzing the current situation of the enterprises. 

Skills enhancement: Culture; Marketing & Promotion; Public Relations; Event Planning


2) Engineering IT company 

It aims to solve job opportunity issue among socially vulnerable groups by creating job opportunities in software (SW) testing fields and develop their expertise and specialty through education programs. 

Skills enhancement: Culture; Information Technology; Software engineering; Program support


3) Social venture incubator

It is a Korean leading social venture company-builder and incubator to nurture social innovative projects and enterprises. Around 2,000 social innovators were identified and trained since the foundation of the company in 2015. During past 2.5 years, the company has created 35 new jobs for young people and incubated 100 social innovators and 27 social innovation teams/startups.

Skills enhancement: Culture; Marketing & Promotion; Program support; Project management


4) Social enterprise travel agent

It provides alternative travel choices to tourists which focuses on local experience and achieving win-win for the earth and people. Locations include South Korea, Laos, the Philippines, Japan.  

Skills enhancement: Culture; Marketing & Promotion; Program support; Project management



For details of WEDO GLOBAL internship:

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We provide local and overseas cultural exchange programs and assist organizations in designingand arranging special cultural experience, service learning and visits to social enterprises.

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