WEDO GLOBAL offers team building and training activities to enhance relationship among corporate staff. Through instilling cultural elements, staff members could learn and be inspired with the diverse ways of thinking which enhances their creative thinking, cross-cultural communication and competence, as well as global vision in large. WEDO GLOBAL invites you to co-create a unique and meaningful experience for your staff and members. Let's create inspiring and memorable experiences to motivate your team and drive your organization forward.


A. Hong Kong Multi-cultural Tour (Please click the photo to see more details)


B. Multi-cultural Team Building Activities  (Please click the photo to see more details)


C. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Collaboration (Please click the photo to see more details) 


Our Mission: 

· Stimulate creative thinking; 

· Enhance cross-cultural communication and competence; 

· Enhance team spirit and relationships among staff 

· Consolidate values and motto of your organizations 

· Increase cultural and social awareness towards South Asian ethnic minorities in Hong Kong 


Our Uniqueness: 

· Strengthen communication and team spirit among organization staff through instilling cultural elements into the team building and training activities 

· Customize inspiration and reflection upon personal values at work and in life 

· Induce team building and training activities that best fits your organization goals and objectives 

· Contribute to the society by operating as a social enterprise which supports ethnic minority youth, various partnered social enterprises and small shops in the community


How does it benefit your organization?

For Senior management:

· Gain valuable and hand-on insights into cultural and social aspects;

· Enhance team spirit and relationships among staff;

· Consolidate values and motto for better management


For Employees:

· Enhance cross-cultural communication and competence;

· Stimulate creative thinking;

· Enhance personal growth and working enthusiasm;

· Enrich job satisfaction and build a stronger team;

· Increase loyalty and commitment towards the organization

We provide local and overseas cultural exchange programs and assist organizations in designingand arranging special cultural experience, service learning and visits to social enterprises.

You may Customize your itinerary.

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