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Jockey Club 'Multicultural Leaders of the World' Programme is a territory-wide youth training Programme which welcome form 3 – 5 Chinese and non-Chinese students from different schools to participate. It is fully funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. Hence, this Programme is FREE OF CHARGE. It aims to increase the students’ understanding and practice of Cultural Intelligence (CQ), foster the understanding and collaboration among Chinese and non-Chinese youths, and empower participants’ skills development, community involvement, global and cultural exposure, as well as increasing their awareness of social harmony in order to construct a multicultural harmonious Hong Kong society.


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Details of Programme below:

Multicultural School Sharing (Sept – Nov 2020)

Guest speaker from cross-cultural backgrounds will be invited to conduct sharing to enhance the cultural awareness, understanding of multi-culture and Cultural Intelligence (CQ) of participants.


Stage 1: Hi! Me (Feb – May 2021)

Selected participants will take part in design thinking bootcamp and community learning experience to form a cross-ethnic team using innovative ideas to join a video competition and the themes are Multi-culture and Sustainable Development Goals. This stage enables participants to enhance their confidence and personal understanding, cross-cultural teamwork, problem solving skills, a sense of community involvement and contribution.


Stage 2: Go! Global (Jun – Aug 2021)

Selected participants after finishing stage 1 will have the opportunity to join a 5 days 4 nights Singapore learning tour. Participants will learn how to construct a multicultural city and enhance their sense of global citizenship, global and cultural exposure through exploration and experience to understand more about the local social issues, solution for tackling those issues, Cultural Intelligence (CQ), best practices on multicultural policies, as well as developing the global network.


Stage 3: Wow! WEDO (Sept – Dec 2021)

Participants will co-organize the closing ceremony with WEDO GLOBAL Foundation to share their learning experience and outcome with people from Government, Corporate, Community, School and their friends. They will also share how to promote a multi-cultural and harmonious Hong Kong. Also, participants will get to execute their innovative ideas in stage 1 at school or community to introduce Multi-culture and Sustainable Development Goals, and foster a harmonious community.





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