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Jockey Club 'Multicultural Leaders of the World' Programme is a territory-wide youth training Programme which welcome form 3 – 5 Chinese and non-Chinese students from different schools to participate. It is fully funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. Hence, this Programme is FREE OF CHARGE. It aims to increase the students’ understanding and practice of Cultural Intelligence (CQ), foster the understanding and collaboration among Chinese and non-Chinese youths, and empower participants’ skills development, community involvement, global and cultural exposure, as well as increasing their awareness of social harmony in order to construct a multicultural harmonious Hong Kong society.


Programme introduction:


Details of Programme below:

Multicultural School Sharing (Sept – Dec 2021) (Online / At school) (The application will be started in early Aug 2021!)

Guest speaker from cross-cultural backgrounds will be invited to conduct sharing to enhance students' understanding in multi-cultural concepts, cultural awareness and Cultural Intelligence (CQ). We hope students can understand more about the important concepts, such as multi-culture and Cultural Intelligence (CQ), as well as how to face and tackle the conflicts and challenges related to culture, to further equip themselves for their future study and work. 


Stage 1: Hi! Me (Jan – May 2022) (The application will be started in Sept 2021!)

Selected participants will form cross-cultural teams to look into and understand the innovative cases from around the world. Then design to apply those cases to solve the social problems happening in Hong Kong, using their own video to introduce. This stage enables participants to enhance their understanding towards multi-culture, Cultural Intelligence, Sustainable Development Goals and Design Thinking, also to enhance their confidence and personal understanding, cross-cultural teamwork, problem solving skills, a sense of community involvement and contribution.


After completing Stage 1, participants with outstanding performances would be eligible to participate in more training and activities (Jun  Dec 2022):

- Local multicultural day camp (i.e. community exploration and international exchange with hybrid mode) 

- Design and organize multicultural activities in the community/ at school 

- Singapore learning exchange (depends on the pandemic situation)


*The activities may be adjusted according to the pandemic development and the government health measurements. The organiser, WEDO GLOBAL, will reserve the rights to make the final decision.




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We provide local and overseas cultural exchange programs and assist organizations in designingand arranging special cultural experience, service learning and visits to social enterprises.

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