South Korea

We design Korea Social Innovation Tour through the co-opearation with the social enterprises in Korea. We will visit Daejeon which is the fifth biggest city in Korea. It is a large city located in the center of Korea. Major train lines and expressways go through this home of major government, science and education facilities and become the cultural and artistic city gradually.

Participants can walk through this city to learn more about the history, traditional culture and the special constructions of Korea; Learn and experience the music and crafts of Korea; Know the work of social innovators in Korea through communication.

Recommended Itinerary

Day 1:Arrival at Incheon International Airport

             Exploring the Korean Buddhist culture

Day 2:Enjoying the hot spring bath

             Visit of old capital

             Learning Korea’s song

             Visit of social enterprise

             Traveling in Daeheungdong     

Day 3:Visit of social enterprise

             Visit of palace

             Visit of Hanok Village

             Making Korean traditional fans

             Enjoying the night view in Seoul

Day 4:Guided tour at Seoul City Hall

             Exploring Insadong

             Arrival at HK International airport

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