South Korea: Social enterprise visit / Understanding culture

We design Korea Social Innovation Tour through the co-opearation with the social enterprises in Korea. A​part from visiting social enterprises in Seoul, ​​participants can walk through this city to learn more about the history, traditional culture and the special architectures of Korea; Learn and experience the​ crafts of Korea; ​and get to ​know the work of social innovators in Korea ​about how they change the world ​through ​exchange and interaction.

Recommended Itinerary:

Day 1:
Arrival at Incheon International Airport
Exploring the Korean 
​history and culture

Day 2:
Visit of old capital
Art and culture guided tour
Visit to social enterprise

Day 3:
Visit of social enterprise
Visit of palace
Visit of Hanok Village
Making Korean traditional fan

Day 4:
Guided tour at Seoul City Hall
Exploring Insadong
Arrival at HK International airport

MW TVL License Number: 350208
Duration: 4 days 3 nights
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Selected feedback from participants: 

IAO MEI SAN, Teacher ​(Colégio Perpétuo Socorro Chan Sui Ki​, Macau​)
Visiting Sungmisan ​V​illage left me the deepest impression, it’s a small community but everyone there was filled with love. This perspective shown me the villagers are willing to share and give what they have. They give children adequate educational services. And also, they provide single individuals and families accommodation rental services too!

陳耀基, Teacher ​(Colégio Perpétuo Socorro Chan Sui Ki​, Macau​)
What left me the deepest impression is visiting the cooperative village, I can feel how the villagers’ pursuit of a harmonious society. Our tour leaders are very good, they are responsible and also take care about teacher's feelings.

CHONG HOI IAN, Teacher ​(Colégio Perpétuo Socorro Chan Sui Ki​, Macau​)
I enjoyed going to the guided tour experience at Sungmisan Village(as opposed to shopping ... I personally prefer something closer to nature or to experience cultures)

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