Sri Lanka: Living experience / Service Learning / Understanding culture / World's cultural heritage

Sri Lanka is also known as “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”. This island country possesses multicultural characteristics like multi-racial history and comprises of various religions. Participants are integrated into the local life through living experience and service learning. They are to conduct activities through cultural interaction with the local and understand the life and cultural discrepancies of the Sri Lankan.

Recommended Itinerary :

Day 1:Arrival at Bandaranayake International Airport in Sri Lanka

Day 2:Guide tour at Negombo

Day 3:Visit of fair trade shop

             Train trip to Galle

Day 4:Service experience

             Experience traditional Sri Lankan Stilt Fishing 

Day 5:World Heritage Site - Galle Fort Photography and Cultural Tour

             Visit to local family - cultural exchange and understanding local customs

Day 6Outdoor cultural experience with local students - exploring Sri Lanka from different perspectives 

Day 7:Visit to the village which was hit by tsunami

             Service experience

Day 8:Arrival at HK International Airport

MW TVL License Number: 350208

Duration: 8 Days 7 Nights

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Selected feedback from participants:​

Lam Lok Yi,​ Student ​(Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

I believe cultural exchange starts from heart, and the activities offered by WEDO Global had really made me felt the love and connections between people. The experience in the program has totally changed my personal view towards minorities. So partnering with WEDO GLOBAL, I developed an English learning system targeting minorities. The programs WEDO Global offers not only make an impact locally but also globally and sustainably.

Delan Anton, Student​ in Sri Lanka

Knowledge and cultural sharing is very important for me to see the world. WEDO is not an organization, its “inspiration” for my life. It brings me chance to learn about the Chinese culture and also share my Sri Lankan culture with my family and new friends. 

Sister Luk​, Principal​(Colégio Perpétuo Socorro Chan Sui Ki​, Macau​)

WEDO GLOBAL cares about the development of the underprivileged groups in Hong Kong, and furthermore, it promotes cultural exchange with people from different ethnic backgrounds. The spirit of love and social service is deserved to be followed by youth nowadays.

We provide local and overseas cultural exchange programs and assist organizations in designingand arranging special cultural experience, service learning and visits to social enterprises.

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