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​​Selected feedback from participants:​
Rita Ching
 Associate Director (The Women's Foundation)
My Taiwanese trip with WEDO was an unforgettable, inspirational and reflective one.  During the trip, I felt connected with the people there, integrated into their lives, tasted their culture, and was facing the challenges that were in somehow similar to our hometown. This was indeed an exceptional cultural and exploration study tour which provided our teenage programme participants an excellent learning opportunity.  I highly recommend their tour to all local schools in HK. 

Kalina Tsang
  Hong Kong Programme Manager (Oxfam Hong Kong)
The most unforgettable part is the experience in the Taiwanese tribe. We followed the leader from the indigenous group and went to their daily hunting trail to learn about their relationships with the forest and nature. I also joined the social enterprise visits in which I can support many social enterprises and small shops locally.   

Jenny Tao
 HR Manager (HK China Concrete Company Ltd.)
I joined the social enterprise visit in Taiwan organized by WEDO GLOBAL. I got to understand more about the potential challenges of social enterprises and build connections of different social enterprises who share similar visions to make positive impacts to the society. 

Florence Tsang​, Head of HR​ ​(S.K.H. St. Christopher’s Home)
I joined the Taiwan program organized by WEDO GLOBAL. The trip provided me reflection and broadened my horizon. It was a very special experience for me to make the tableware using materials from the nature. In Hong Kong, we don’t have chance to understand the origin of things. I should bring my daughter to come and experience, so she can understand the relation of people and nature.

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