Taiwan: Aborigines living experience / Social enterprise visit / Understanding culture


What's the life like for the aborigines living in the mountains of Taiwan? WEDO Discovery @ Taiwan is a structured programme developed by WEDO GLOBAL and the indigenous people of Taiwan. Participants discover the history and lifestyle of the tribe members. They will have the opportunity to explore and learn from traditional wisdom and values; interact with tribe members and join in the spirit of helping, sharing and community warmth. Dining in a traditional setting and sharing interesting stories and culture, participants experience something truly authentic and unique! 


*Extra activities include local enterprise visit/ art workshop/ task-based cultural activities can be arranged upon request. 


Recommended Itinerary :

Day 1:Mission time - interact with Taiwanese

             Explore night market in Taipei, experience local culture


Day 2:[Train]Taipei to Taitung

             River Tracking to Tribe - Enjoy the view and tribe ecology

             Introduction about indigenous people of Taiwan

             Stories of the Amis Tribe


Day 3:Explore the Hunters’ Trail, finding the sounds of nature 

             Cooking together and making rice in a bamboo tube with the tribe members

             Handicraft time

             Back to the teenage time: Archery Competition

             Night of dancing and songs


Day 4:Visit the organic plantation of the tribe 

             [Train]Taitung to Taipei



MW TVL License Number: 350208


Duration: 4 Days 3 Nights


Please contact us for details.

Selected feedback from participants:​


WU Jiatong​, ​Student (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)​ ​

I joined the WEDO Discovery @ Taiwan ​2013 ​and gained a lot. Not only can I understand the living of Taiwanese tribe and experience their life, I also know more about their culture and gained genuine friendship. It is unlike the normal education in classroom. I support WEDO GLOBAL because it is very innovative and concerned about the community.

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