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WEDO GLOBAL is a multicultural Social Enterprise. Under the pandemic, we co-create culturally vibrant products with South Asian Sewing Ambassadors. Through We Mask Action, we would like to connect people in Hong Kong from diverse ethnic backgrounds and build a culturally diverse and socially inclusive society. Our cultural products would be on “Buy 1 Donate 1” charity sale. With your every purchase of our products, we will distribute a FREE fabric mask to grassroots ethnic minority families and the elderly to strengthen the awareness of personal hygiene and health protection among ethnic minority communities, and at the same time promoting cultural diversity and social inclusion in Hong Kong. Together, Chinese and Ethnic Minorities, could contribute to the Hong Kong society and bring love and care to every corner in society.  


During our production of WeMaskCover, we found out that there are leftover hand-printed fabrics. To make good use of resources and be environmentally friendly, our team curated and upcycled the leftover fabric to transform them into【WeBand headband】! WeBand headband is handmade by WEDO GLOBAL Sewing Ambassadors in Hong Kong. One side is a culturally-rich fabric and the other side is a simple pattern. No matter if you have short, long, or curly hair, the WeBand headband fits you well! This double-sided headband is easy for you to showcase your unique styles according to your mood!


WEDO GLOBAL and English Tea Shop are committed to promote healthy lifestyle and well being, and at the same time sharing love and care in the society. We have collaborated to launch a limited edition WEDO GLOBAL x English Tea Shop Organic Tea Gift Box, a selection of organic teas with relaxing and calming functions. Through culturally vibrant fabric masks handmade by ethnic minority women in Hong Kong and healthy organic tea bags from Sri Lanka's organic tea plantation, we hope to bring a little moment of relaxation and happiness into your daily routine. It is a heart warming gift set for you and your family and friends!


WEDO GLOBAL has published its first multicultural picture book named <MeowMeow is missing!>. It is a great honour to have invited one of the 2021 Hong Kong Book Fair's theme of the year writer, Ms. Shirley Loo, to be the author of this picture book. By reading <MeowMeow is missing!> together, we encourage Chinese and non-Chinese parents, teachers, and children to explore the unique Yau Ma Tei community, cherish the connection between one another and discover the beauty of multiculturalism!

We provide local and overseas cultural exchange programs and assist organizations in designingand arranging special cultural experience, service learning and visits to social enterprises.

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