Yuen Long - Community Tour with Ethnic Minority

How well do we know about the South Asians who have lived in Hong Kong for over a hundred year? Cultural Ambassador would bring students to explore the community of ethnic-minorities in Yuen Long, getting to know the changes of their life in Hong Kong and feel their interaction with the society. This Discovery Tour helps us understand the restraints and unfairness faced by the South Asians in Hong Kong and review ourselves as a global citizen living in this international city. 

Course linkage:
University: Social science, social work
General studies in high school: Globalization
Life and society: To respect people from different backgrounds
General studies in primary school: Knowing the world


Time:2.5 - 3 hours


​Selected feedback from participants:​


Anita Lau, Program Coordinator (Hapischool)

The tour is very impressive especially for the part they learnt how to write the Nepali. Our kids are very happy and still remember how to write the Nepali words now. Through talking to the ethnic minority living in Hong Kong, we learnt about their culture and know their history in Hong Kong.


Ms Chan, Liberal StudiesTeacher (Elegantia College)

This program allows participants to step out of classroom, and try to understand and talk with ethnic minorities. Through interviews, participants’ attitude changed from passive to active.

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  1. Location of activity: Yuen Long or Wan Chai
  2. These two activities are co-organized by Oxfam Hong Kong and sponsor partner WEDO GLOBAL. Part of the operating budget will be sponsored by Oxfam Hong Kong.