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The WEDO GLOBAL Foundation has established the "100 FUN Chinese Class" to support local non-Chinese speaking primary school students in learning Chinese language. The curriculum is based on storybooks and real life topics, allowing students to have more exposure to Chinese language beyond the school classroom. This aims to stimulate their interest in learning Chinese language and cultivate their reading habits.

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100 FUN Chinese Class



The "100 FUN Chinese Class" curriculum is based on storybooks and real life topics, designed and led by both Chinese and non-Chinese tutors. The aim of the class is to enhance students' daily Chinese listening, speaking, reading, and writing abilities, as well as to learn common vocabulary and basic grammar.


Additionally, the curriculum emphasizes teaching students to differentiate between spoken and written Chinese for basic daily communication. Moreover, the "100 FUN Chinese Class" incorporates the elements of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) to enhance students' emotional awareness and management skills, fostering positive thinking and improving social skills.

Outing activities:

We organize various outing activities, conducts a series of interactive experiences in person, bringing students outside to explore and engage with new things. Thereby, motivating them to use more Chinese language and social emotional skills in their daily lives.

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Online Self-Learning Platform:

"100 FUN Chinese Class" Instagram: @100funchinese

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We provide Chinese self-learning materials on social media platforms, including vocabulary covered in the "100 FUN Chinese Class" curriculum and commonly used words in daily life. We provide Cantonese pronunciations, romanization, stroke order for the vocabulary, and also offer examples of written and spoken Cantonese usage. These resources can be used by students to review vocabulary and by parents and organizations for learning and creating teaching materials.


Furthermore, we aim to celebrate multiculturalism through this platform. Therefore, we include introductions to various festivals from around the world. This allows students to learn Chinese and at the same time, gain knowledge about diverse cultures, broadening their horizons.

Tutor/ student feedback:

“I enjoy the class the most when the teacher tells the story and I want to have more lessons”

- Elaiza, P4 student


"I like the story which talk about friendship, and I enjoy watching mindfulness video"

- Sunwar, P1 student


"Students with strong motivation actively participate and help to bring up the classroom atmosphere; some students who are more passive also made obvious progress with encouragement and compliments, and tried to speak/write more Chinese. In terms of Social Emotional Learning, the majority of students are willing to share and identify their emotions, some are even able to tell the reasons behind their emotions, and some students try to cultivate their concentration through simple mindfulness exercises. They are all very effective in establishing healthy emotions."

- Miss Jessie, Tutor


“The most valuable aspect of the Chinese classes was that kids were eager to learn when an EM teacher was instructing them. I also think it helped kids realize that learning Chinese is not that difficult if the teacher speaks it fluently because one day they will be able to do the same. They also liked talking to us and responding to our questions, which clearly indicates that they enjoyed the way we taught them.“

- Mr. Usman, Tutor

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