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WEDO GLOBAL Foundation is a section 88 NGO established in 2018 with the aim to connect people from different cultural backgrounds, facilitate mutual and intercultural understanding to bridge the cultural gaps and achieve social inclusion with innovation.

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Our Values [ROAD]


We respect the abilities, beliefs, and cultures of all members of our community.



We are open-minded, honest and fair in what we say and we are accountable for our actions.



We are grateful to each and every participant and partner we have encountered.



We give our best to what we do and being an active learner in the changing world.

To provide quality education for people from different cultural backgrounds

To offer capacity building programs for youths from different cultural backgrounds

To assist in poverty relief

To promote cultural diversity and social inclusion

To nurture local Chinese and ethnic minority youth to become future cross-cultural leaders with global mindsets.

Our Mission

Our Vision

Jockey Club 'Multicultural Leaders of the World' Programme


Jockey Club 'Multicultural Leaders of the World' Programme is a territory-wide training Programme which welcomes Form 3 to 5 Chinese and non-Chinese students from different schools to participate. This Programme aims to increase the understanding and practice of Cultural Intelligence (CQ), foster the understanding and collaboration among Chinese and non-Chinese youths, and empower participants’ skills development, community involvement, global and cultural exposure, as well as increasing their awareness of social harmony in order to construct a multicultural harmonious Hong Kong society.

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