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Training activities

To achieve different learning objectives and training goals of corporates and organizations, our multicultural team features knowledge and skills on cultural sensitivity and design thinking. Through sharing on various topics, participants can gain insights for creative problem solving and social innovation.

Team building activities

Time: 3 hours or above

Our team building activities not only strengthen the communication and team spirit among staff members, but also enrich their knowledge and inspire them to think in diverse ways.


Through instilling cultural elements, they can certainly enhance their creativities, cross-cultural communications and competences, as well as global visions to a profound extent.

For customized Team building training, please consult our team at:

Tel.      :  2157 2181

Email   :

* WEDO GLOBAL reserves the right of final decision to adjust the activity rundown according to weather or other situation. 

Cultural Sensitivity Training

Time: 1 hour or above

Cultural Sensitivity Training enhances participants' understanding of Cultural Intelligence (CQ), equip knowledge to construct a multicultural harmonious Hong Kong society, as well as enhance global vision and facilitate cross-cultural collaboration.

Design Thinking Training

Time: 2 hours or above

This training intends to excite participants about the power of design thinking with its roots in empathetic and human-centered design and to introduce design thinking as a framework for social innovations, service-learning and positive changes in the society.

Sharing: Hello! South Asia 

Time: 30 minutes or above

This sharing is suitable for participants with less understanding of multi-cultures. Cultural Ambassadors will share about South Asian cultures. They would also talk about the current situation of ethnic minorities living in Hong Kong, share about their personal stories and talk about how they cope with different obstacles to bring changes together in order to achieve a harmonious society.

Sharing: Social innovation & entrepreneurship

Time: 30 minutes or above

Sharing on Social Innovation / Entrepreneurship is suitable for schools or corporates which want to inspire their members to make a positive change in the world. Founder of WEDO GLOBAL will share about the concepts of social enterprise, the journey of establishing the multicultural social enterprise and other examples of social innovation.