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Training activities

To achieve different learning objectives and training goals of corporates and organizations, our multicultural team features knowledge and skills on cultural sensitivity and design thinking. Through sharing on various topics, participants can gain insights for creative problem solving and social innovation.

Team Building Training

Time: 3 hours or above

Our Team Building Training not only strengthens the communication and team spirit among staff members, but also enhances their knowledge and inspires them to think in innovative ways. By incorporating cultural and SDG elements, this training can significantly improve their creativity, cross-cultural communication skills, competencies, and global perspectives.

For customized Team building training, please consult our team at:

Tel.      :  2157 2181

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Cultural Sensitivity Training

Time: 1.5 hour or above

Our Cultural Sensitivity Training aims to enhance participants' awareness of unconscious biases and stereotypes, thereby improving cross-cultural understanding and communication skills. By incorporating interactive training activities, group discussions, and case studies with a cross-cultural focus, participants will deepen their understanding towards different cultures and customs.

The training emphasizes the importance of developing cultural awareness, both for individuals and teams. This approach not only expands the participants' cultural knowledge, but also helps cultivate empathy, challenge stereotypes and reduce unconscious biases. It strengthens participants' collaboration capabilities when working with colleagues and clients from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Design Thinking Training

Time: 2 hours or above

Our Design Thinking Training intends to inspire participants about the power of design thinking, which is rooted in empathetic and human-centered design principles, emphasizing a deep understanding of user needs and perspectives. The training will introduce design thinking as a framework for driving impactful social innovations, service-learning initiatives, and positive societal changes.  


Through interactive exercises and case studies, participants will learn to apply the key stages of the design thinking process - empathize, define, ideate, prototype, and test. Participants will explore techniques to foster collaboration, cultivate diverse perspectives, and translate user insights into impactful, human-centered solutions. They will develop the essential skills to tackle complex problems by adopting a user-centric and creative approach.

Sharing: Hello! South Asia 

Time: 30 minutes or above

This cultural sharing session is tailored for participants with limited prior exposure to diverse cultures. Cultural Ambassadors from South Asian backgrounds will provide insights into the traditions, customs, and lived experiences of their communities in Hong Kong. 

The ambassadors will share perspectives on the current situation of ethnic minority groups residing in Hong Kong, drawing from their personal narratives and experiences. They will delve into the unique challenges faced by the minority communities, such as barriers to social integration, educational and economic disparities, and issues of cultural preservation. They will discuss how they have navigated these obstacles and worked towards building a more inclusive and harmonious society.

Through interactive activities, the ambassadors will empower participants to develop a deeper understanding and appreciation towards the ethnic minorities living in Hong Kong. Participants will gain valuable cross-cultural understanding and be inspired to foster diversity, equity, and belonging at both personal and community levels. The sharing session aims to not only impart cultural knowledge but also cultivate empathy, challenge stereotypes, and inspire collaborative efforts to address the needs of marginalized groups. 

Sharing: Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Time: 30 minutes or above

The Sharing on Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship is tailored for schools or corporate organizations seeking to inspire their members to drive positive change in the society. The founder of WEDO GLOBAL will lead this insightful session.

The session will begin with an overview of the core concepts of social entrepreneurship. The founder will share the compelling journey of establishing WEDO GLOBAL, a multicultural social enterprise dedicated to empowering marginalized communities through innovative and sustainable solutions. The founder will share practical guidance on how to identify social problems, develop innovative solutions, and sustainably scale up social enterprises.