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Corporate-SE Collaboration | Team Building and Volunteer Training and Award Ceremony

WEDO GLOBAL has collaborated multiple times with the WSP Volunteer Team, to organize various outreach education activities for primary and secondary ethnically diverse students, to enhance community participation and development opportunities of ethnic minorities. This year marks our third year partnering with WSP to organize the "Volunteer Training and Award Ceremony”,  to recognise the team's active participation in various volunteer activities in the past year. Through diverse team-building activities, we aim to foster teamwork among volunteers, enhance their interest in multiculturalism and sustainable development, and encourage them to continue serving different groups within the community, thereby promoting social diversity, development, and inclusion.

Team Building | United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

This year's team building training focused on "sustainable development." The volunteer team was divided into groups to conduct a series of missions and games to foster teamwork among the volunteer team members, enhancing communication skills, leadership skills and problem-solving skills etc. Through these activities, team members were able to discover their own strengths and establish a sense of empathy. This, in turn, enables them to identify roles and opportunities within the team where they can contribute effectively, both in their professional work and volunteer services.

The SDGs are 17 goals established by the United Nations, aimed at collectively addressing major global issues. WEDO GLOBAL believes that everyone can contribute to achieving these goals. Through our activities, we guided volunteers to get to know and understand the importance of the SDGs. We discussed how to apply these goals to volunteer services and daily life through practical actions, in order to achieve sustainable development.

Personal Development|Health and Well-Being

In addition to focusing on the effectiveness of volunteer services, we also pay attention to the health and well-being of our volunteer team members. Therefore, we incorporate elements of body, mind, and spirit into our activities, allowing volunteers to learn how to maintain focus and inner calm, achieve balance in work, life, and volunteer service, and maintain healthy physical and mental development.

Corporate-enterprise collaboration | Building a Diverse Community

In addition to commending volunteers for their efforts and support, the award ceremony also reviewed the volunteer activities of the past year. Through volunteer sharing, it showcased how corporate employees brought positive impacts to the community, emphasizing the importance of corporate social responsibility and the collaborative effects of business collaboration, to build more diverse and inclusive communities together.


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