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100 FUN Chinese Class | Reward Trip

WEDO GLOBAL organized 100 FUN Chinese Class for non-Chinese speaking students to develop their Chinese ability at an early age. Under the pandemic, Social Emotional Learning elements are added to 100 FUN Chinese Class to further develop their positive mindset and resilience.

To encourage students with good performance in class, WEDO GLOBAL and WSP jointly held this Reward Trip . Students were able to explore and learn new things through various interactive activities, which motivated them to use more Chinese and social-emotional skills in daily life.

The interactive activities include games, virtual reality experience, STEM workshop and Mölkky (new sport). Anti-epidemic supplies and storybooks in Chinese and English were also distributed. We are grateful to all teachers and volunteers for giving non-Chinese speaking students a pleasant learning experience, as well as valuable opportunities to communicate and interact with others.

“Through this volunteer service, I feel grateful that we could interact and get to know the children from different backgrounds, even under the pandemic. Also, learning new cultures made me have a deeper understanding of racial integration. Love has no boundaries,” said Celia Wong, a volunteer from WSP, who took part in the activity.

Cindy, one of the 100 FUN Chinese Class tutors said “the activities have adventurous and relaxing parts. Students could explore around the school and improve their concentration. It is a rare opportunity to have group activities under the pandemic, and students are very happy to meet each other and make friends.”

Highlights of the day's activities:

Special thanks:

WSP volunteer team

Caritas Wu Cheng-Chung Secondary School teachers and co-workers

100 FUN Chinese Class tutors and volunteers


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