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- 增加學生對文化智商 (CQ) 的認識及實踐

- 促進華裔和非華裔青年的互相了解及合作

- 提升他們的社區參與、全球化視野和社會共融的意識

- 共同建構一個多元文化的香港




階段一:Hi! Me


階段二:Go! Global


階段三:Wow! WEDO 




Sharing by Helen

When we came back to Hong Kong from Singapore, we met for the sharing session. We were required to think of something to share with each other. At that time, I suddenly came up with this: In a team, it is not necessary that everyone should be a leader, sometimes teamwork is more important than leadership. Yes, that’s what we learned in Stage 1&2. Everyone has their position in a team, but when a position is overlapped, why couldn’t we changed our position in order to build a team.

Sharing by Yvette

Through different games and activities, I have slowly opened up to people and understood that you must take a step forward and make the effort to get to know someone.This reflects how we must also be the one to take the initiative when it comes to overcoming the barrier of language and race in order to construct a multicultural society.

Sharing by Blossom

I could still remember the very first friend I met there who is a Pakistani. On the first day of training, I was in a panic as I did not know where was I supposed to have my lunch, but then, she came to me and asked if I would like to try Pakistani food and eat with her... I felt like she was my savior, and surely, I went with her. I was so new to that kind of food that I could not even order the food by myself. She recommended a few dishes she wanted me to try and ordered everything for me.We talked, we laughed, we had fun. It was a really nice experience eating with her, trying new food, learning about culture more thoroughly. I was astonished by how nice those people of different ethnicities are.



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