WEDO GLOBAL, a social enterprise that advocates multicultural education, was established in 2011. We plan and arrange various activities, multicultural workshops, local walking tours and overseas experiential tours for instance, that offer opportunities for participants to interact with people of different cultural backgrounds. Being able to learn, reflect on their own culture and get inspirations from the processes, participants will eventually acquire enhanced cultural sensitivity and global vision.

[Our Mission]

Through our work, we aim to enhance cultural understanding of local Chinese on ethnic minorities, so as to reduce the negative perceptions and racial discrimination against ethnic minorities. On the other hand, we provide training opportunities for under-presented ethnic minorities. After the training, they will have the opportunities to be recruited as cultural ambassadors to conduct multi-culture workshops and theme-based community walking tour. It increases their job opportunities, confidence, knowledge and skills.


Lam Lok Yi (Participant, WEDO Discovery @ Sri Lanka)

I believe cultural exchange starts from heart, and the activities offered by WEDO​ GLOBAL​ had really made me felt the love and connections between people. The experience in the program has totally changed my personal view towards minorities.