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Cross-Curricular Learning Experience: Multicultural x Art x Community

WEDO GLOBAL collaborated with the TWGHs Kap Yan Directors' College to design a learning experience, covering History, Tourism, and Other Learning Experiences, training student leaders, and providing multicultural experiential activities, to cultivate students’ cultural sensitivity and enrich their horizon on multiculturalism.

Multicultural Community Exploration

With the guidance and explanation of the Cultural Ambassadors, participants had the opportunity to explore the Mosque and Sikh Temple in Wan Chai. Through first-hand observation and understanding of different religions and cultures, participants were able to enhance their understanding of different cultures and were able to communicate with community members about their lifestyle and values, understanding the importance of multiculturalism.

“This activity allowed me to understand different cultures, change previous stereotypes, respect different cultures and understand the diversity of cultures.”

Art Creation

In the cultural workshop, participants learned Arabic words and grasped the techniques of Arabic calligraphy. Some participants included different values, including messages of peace, hope, and environmental protection. Cross-cultural creation does not only encourage participants to think and express their feelings, but while showcasing and sharing their artwork, they can also inspire other students to reflect on different social issues.

"What impressed me most was the designing and painting of Arabic words and backgrounds. I can learn about other cultures from this activity, which is even more interesting."

Sharing Session

This multicultural experience integrated art creation and community exploration, with students participating in different experiences and then divided into smaller groups, sharing their observations, learnings, experiences, and feelings. Apart from gaining new knowledge, the sharing session can also cultivate students’ ability to share different cultures and further understand the community.

"I have not been exposed to many different things, and this activity will make me more courageous to experience new things."

This Cross-Curricular Learning Experience enhanced students’ cross-cultural communication ability, further deepening their understanding of different cultures and respect. By engaging participants in multicultural activities, we can enhance students’ cultural sensitivity, curiosity toward the world, and spirit of exploration. In the long run, cultivating students to become global citizens with cross-cultural understanding and communication skills, and continue to actively participate in the community and promote inclusion in their daily lives.


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