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Henna DIY Workshop

When someone has Henna drawing on their skin, some may stare inquisitively, and some may raise questions, such as "Is that a tattoo?". Henna is actually made from a natural plant and it is a form of art commonly used for decorating or beautifying the hand or body with different meanings of blessings.

Social enterprise WEDO GLOBAL was glad to organize 2 Henna DIY Workshops for the students and staff members at the City University of Hong Kong to provide them with in-depth cultural knowledge sharing along with the Henna experience. With the guidance of our Cultural Ambassadors, participants learned about the origin, designs, and uses of Henna. During the workshop, Our Cultural Ambassadors also demonstrated the techniques of Henna drawing. After practicing and familiarizing the Henna drawing skills, the participants create and draw their own patterns.

"Very friendly and clear explanation, so far an excellent introductory workshop, relaxing yet informative." - Kola

"It is a very fresh and interesting experience, and I also learned more about South Asian culture. I got a very nice Henna on my hand, and I will try to practice more to improve my Henna drawing skill." - Mandy

We are glad to see that the participants enjoyed themselves very much throughout the Henna DIY Workshop, and we appreciate their creativity and designs. Participants also gained a deeper understanding of the cultural significance behind Henna drawing and listened to multicultural sharing.

We look forward to organizing more cultural activities to facilitate inclusion in the society.


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