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推動種族共融 不止得把口

27/11/2018 東周網



Racial harmony? Action speaks louder than words

Racial harmony has been a issue in Hong Kong for more than two decades. Although there are more and more people advocating racial harmony, the actions are still minimal. Misunderstandings and biases still exist. To fully attain racial harmony, it is still a long way to go, yet the two below are putting words into actions.

Back to the day of the interview, Nayab, who was wearing traditional Pakistan attire, was escorting a group of primary schools students in Sham Shui Po, and visited some of the shops favoured for the ethnic minorities, to allow the students to expose the district with a new angle. 'There was a strong odour when I entered the shop, the Myrobalan and Zanthoxylum are so special. I have never seen that noodles are soaked with milk too,' commented by the students after the visit.


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