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Bringing Diversity & Inclusion into the Workplace

Social enterprise WEDO GLOBAL is grateful to curate a Diversity workshop for the staff of the Bank of Singapore Limited (Hong Kong Branch). Throughout the workshop, our Cultural Ambassadors have shared the latest information on the ethnic minority population in Hong Kong, cultural knowledge of ethnic minorities and staff also learnt how they can support ethnic minorities in Hong Kong to cultivate a diverse and inclusive society.

To provide a fun yet informative session, we included cultural facts into the south asian games in order to allow the staff to gain more cultural knowledge and try writing words in different languages. The staff were highly engaged throughout the games and experienced good team-building opportunities.

The staff also wrote the greetings they learnt and blessings in greeting cards which were passed to the South Asian Primary school students. We then helped to distribute gifts and the greeting cards in Yuen Long and Kam Tin to 100 South Asian families.

“The Diversity workshop is interactive and meaningful. Our colleagues also sent their greetings and gifts to 100 South Asian families to celebrate a heartwarming holiday. Understanding and respecting different cultures is very important to our bank’s commitments in building a comprehensive and genuine culture of diversity and inclusion both in the workplace and beyond.” said Ms. Wong, a staff of the Bank of Singapore.

It was a meaningful collaboration that allowed the staff to get to know more about the ethnic minorities living in Hong Kong. Understanding and empathy both are important steps towards bringing Diversity & Inclusion into the workplace.


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