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Celebrating HKBN's New Home at the Quayside!

We were honored to co-create the housewarming celebration for HKBN's brand new office at the Quayside. As the emcee for this special occasion, we were delighted to commemorate this exciting milestone with over 500 enthusiastic staff.

The new office provides a modern, collaborative and inclusive workspace that will undoubtedly fuel HKBN's continued growth and innovation. The workspace features wheelchair-friendly environments and female-friendly facilities such as the HER Lounge, HER Bath, HER Fridge and HER Locker. Additionally, the office has implemented measures to promote recycling and environmental sustainability.

HKBN has been an early supporter of WEDO GLOBAL. We collaborated with the CSI Fund to provide cultural learning experiences for secondary school students from low-income families, helping them bridge the cultural gap and enhance their cultural sensitivity. 

To support various good causes, HKBN has showcased products and services from social enterprises during the housewarming party. It was a wonderful celebration filled with amazing people, delicious refreshments, and a true sense of excitement for HKBN's bright future. Congratulations again on this incredible new chapter!

Participating SEs & NGO: 

DECT Production | Dignity Kitchen | Joyous Kitchen | Mindful Sparks | TECM | WEDO GLOBAL 


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