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Ethnic Minority Tour Guide in “Home” Kong

Culture Ambassador Nayab has been doing her best in learning Cantonese and integrating into mainstream society. When she was a child, she had difficulty in distinguishing these Chinese words「晴」、「清」and「精」. Today, she can serve as a community tour guide using fluent Cantonese to introduce the "home" of ethnic minorities in Hong Kong and become a bridge between ethnic minorities and mainstream society. What is the story behind her?

The 5 things Nayab brings along with herself:

1. Portable prayer mat: As a Muslim, Nayab needs to pray five times a day in the direction of the Sacred Mosque in Mecca. The lightweight mat is convenient for her to pray anytime, anywhere.

2. Keychain: When she visited her hometown with her family, she encountered this keychain with her name, which is unusual to find in Hong Kong, so it seemed special to her.

When she visited her hometown with her family, she encountered a keychain with her name on it, and it was not custom-made, so it seemed special to her.

3. A handmade reusable mask: During the early stages of the pandemic, WEDO GLOBAL trained ethnic minority ladies to sew reusable masks, which could support the families financially and solve the problem of mask shortage. Nayab's mother also joined the team.

4. iPad: In addition to using it for work, she also uses it to record her daily life.

5. Small shoulder bag: Recently she got interested in crocheting, and this bag is her recent creation.

Video (Chinese + English):

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