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Together, we embrace inclusion and diversity

Nurturing the next generation of engineering leaders

To celebrate the importance of Diversity and Inclusion, social enterprise WEDO GLOBAL, in collaboration with WSP in Asia, co-organized different activities during the I&D Month to facilitate learning, dialogues, and exchange between staff members, youths, and community members to create a more harmonious society together.

Future-ready: A company visit and career talk for youths from diverse backgrounds

A group of secondary school students from 9 countries had the opportunity to enhance their understanding of the Design, Engineering, Environment & Construction consulting industry during the company visit and career talk at the WSP Hong Kong office. Besides introducing the industry, students gained knowledge and experience in Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology through VR experience.

The exchange session with young engineers from different areas also allows the students to understand the job roles and career developments so that students can better plan for their future studies. Afterwards, students also had an office tour to understand the working environment and the various parts of the company.

“We believe that by exposing the young minds to the real world of engineering and sharing our experiences from the perspectives of both young engineers and senior management, they can get inspired to pursue engineering careers to bring positive impact to the community. Being the change you want to see!”

Cultural Immersion: Henna experience

Besides educating and nurturing youths, staff members’ cultural sensitivity and wellness are crucial for creating a diverse and inclusive work environment. We organized a Henna experience session for staff members at WSP in Asia to have a first-hand cultural experience at the office. They were very interested and eager to draw Henna.

Traditionally, Henna is used in celebration of special occasions such as weddings and festivals in the joyous gathering of people. It can be drawn on the skin, such as hands or feet.

Our Cultural Ambassadors felt a sense of accomplishment when they saw the smiles of the staff members and felt their satisfaction. A simple experience can connect people from different cultural backgrounds and open up topics for exchange and sharing.

“Together, we embrace inclusion and diversity.”


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