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Cross-sector collaboration|Community cultural experience, Enhance cultural understanding and awareness

"They are part of HK and many of them are very humble, contributing to the development." Corporate participant, HSH group

Thank you The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels and Dream Impact for inviting us to organize the unique cultural community experience for their colleagues from Head Office, The Peninsula Hotels and The Repulse Bay. We are grateful that the participants immersed themselves in the experience and gained a deeper understanding of the diverse cultures.

At WEDO GLOBAL, we aim to nurture and empower ethnically diverse cultural ambassadors to provide authentic community cultural immersion experiences that enable participants to experience the beauty of diversity and inclusion in the community. And it's our pleasure to share the customs, beliefs, history and stories to enhance participants' cultural understanding and awareness, which are the prerequisites for building a more diverse and inclusive society.

We look forward to collaborating with different stakeholders to explore more possibilities to advance #diversity, #equity and #inclusion in the workplace and the community.


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