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An Insightful Exploration: Wan Chai Community Tour with Ethnic Minority

WEDO GLOBAL is delighted to cooperate with Kerry Engagement to organize the "Wan Chai Community Tour with Ethnic Minority" for Hong Kong Kerry Group colleagues. Together, the participants can explore the Sikh Temple in Wan Chai, experience the multiculturalism of Hong Kong, and create wonderful memories. Through on-site exploration and various cultural experiences, participants could gain a deeper understanding of the architecture, the culture, and the cuisine of Sikhism. They could also learn more about the Sikh community from the sharing of Cultural Ambassadors. Hence, to facilitate cross-cultural communication, and contribute to the establishment of a diverse and inclusive community.

“Well structured, good balance of information, theory, and experience about the essence of Sikhism.”

The Cultural Ambassadors initiated the session by introducing the origin and beliefs of Sikhism. They proceeded to demonstrate the method of wearing a turban while explaining the underlying reasons behind this practice. These efforts aimed to establish a basic understanding of Sikh culture among the participants. Then, the Cultural Ambassadors shared the history of Sikhism specifically in the context of Hong Kong. Through their sharing, participants gained a deeper insight into the Sikh community in Hong Kong, their life in Hong Kong, and their culture. For a more immersive experience, the Cultural Ambassadors guided the participants into the prayer hall, allowing them to experience the solemn atmosphere during worship.

“It has given me a deeper understanding of the religion that I didn't know about before!”

After the visit, the participants proceeded to the Langar Hall to savor Indian vegetarian cuisine. The Langar Hall is operated by volunteers and provides free meals to the public, reflecting their spirit of generosity. The Cultural Ambassadors also explained the belief behind the Langar Hall in Sikh culture, for example, a painting on the wall depicted the emperor and ordinary people sitting together on the floor in Langar Hall, symbolizing the belief in equal treatment regardless of race, gender, or social status.

“The part that impressed me the most is the inclusive warm friendly nature of all encountered”

Through the explanations by Cultural Ambassadors and interactive sessions like hands-on visits, and tasting sessions, people from different backgrounds can experience Sikh culture, to reduce biases caused by a lack of understanding, and bring the belief of diversity and inclusivity into the workplace and family, fostering a harmonious community.


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