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Cultivate Diverse Talents · Workplace Inclusion | "EmpowerZ" Traineeship Pilot Programme

WEDO GLOBAL has collaborated with MTR Corporation to provide diversity and inclusion (D&I) related training for its “EmpowerZ” Traineeship Pilot Programme. This programme aims to empower people from diverse backgrounds who will gain hands-on work experience through the programme, develop essential workplace skills, and utilize their strengths.

According to the data from the Census and Statistics Department, the number of ethnic minority persons aged 15 to 24 increased from 13,117 in 2006 to 27,651 in 2016, more than doubling. In 2020, there were 96,900 economically active persons with disabilities aged 15 and above. Hong Kong has a diverse pool of talent, and we believe that everyone should have employment and development opportunities which allow them to thrive and excel. Therefore, through collaboration with MTR Corporation, we have promoted the "EmpowerZ" programme, with the aim of fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace and society, bringing new impetus to Hong Kong's future development.

Pre-employment Training Workshop | Boosting Confidence and Building Growth Mindset

WEDO GLOBAL provided a pre-employment training workshop for the "EmpowerZ" programme trainees, including self-understanding and preparation for onboarding. Trainees introduced themselves through interactive games, got to know each other's experiences, and comfortably shared their own stories.

In addition to increasing mutual understanding, the workshop also encouraged participants to better understand and appreciate their own and others' unique qualities, thereby boosting their self-confidence. Through simple exercises, participants can gradually cultivate a growth mindset, continuously learning and improving in the workplace.

Team Building Workshop | Enhancing Team Spirit and Communication Skills

Through a series of interactive team-building activities, the trainees, their supervisors and buddies were able to further understand each other, foster mutual understanding and respect, and enhance their teamwork and communication skills, allowing everyone to express their opinions and perspectives.

We also provided some methods and techniques for promoting inclusiveness in the workplace, inspiring them for their future work and life. Through this team building workshop, participants were able to gain a better understanding of each other in a relaxing environment, laying the foundation for future work coordination and helping the trainees integrate into the workplace and unleash their full potential.

“The team-building workshop with WEDO GLOBAL gave me a lot of valuable insights. We explored different communication styles and learned techniques for navigating the diverse perspectives within our team.

After going through the workshop, I feel much more open-minded, I'm confident that I can now have more productive dialogues and collaborate more effectively with my teammates!”   

-Wendy Zhuang, EmpowerZ trainee

We would like to express our gratitude to MTR Corporation for the invitation, and the active participation of participants. WEDO GLOBAL is committed to promoting diversity and inclusion, and we look forward to continuously working hand in hand with MTR Corporation to build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive Hong Kong.


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