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Globally Minded Teacher Learning Programme (「世」心老師計劃)

Sept 15, 2021

Supported by the Faculty of Education and Human Development of the Education University of Hong Kong (Strategic Areas: Learning and Teaching and FEHD Innovating Teaching beyond e-Learning Grants), this learning programme was implemented from September to December 2021. The programme included a series of workshops, virtual tours and sharing from frontline teachers. All of which culminated in the Multicultural Video-making competition to assess what working in culturally diverse settings might mean to our students. Their videos are posted here, which may serve as a resource for teaching.

The programme was collectively designed by Professor Kerry J. Kennedy (C&I), Ms Terri Chan (C&I), Dr Daphnee Lee (EPL), Dr Miron Bhowmik (EPL) and Dr Jan Gube (C&I) with the support of Ms Eunice Chau (C&I) and implemented in collaboration with WEDO Global.

This programme was designed to support undergraduate students to teach or work in culturally diverse settings, particularly in the growing response to the presence of non-Chinese speaking (NCS) or “ethnic minority” (EM) students in Hong Kong schools. The programme design specifically draws on Professor James Banks’ multicultural education metaphors: “to know”, “to care” and “to act”, which formed the basis of its expected learning outcomes:

(To know) Examine the global values related to Hong Kong’s diverse community and school contexts

(To care) Develop an awareness of the lives of learners from different cultural groups in Hong Kong through community and experiential learning activities

(To act) Apply relevant global perspectives to teaching that form the basis of addressing the needs and aspirations of culturally diverse learners


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