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Multicultural Parent-Child Workshop

Social enterprise WEDO GLOBAL has collaborated with Hong Kong Public Libraries for two consecutive years to organize a series of multicultural workshops, allowing both Chinese and Non-Chinese parents and children to participate together. The workshops aim to enrich participants' cultural experience, deepen their understanding of diverse values and characteristics, and learn to appreciate and respect people from various cultural backgrounds. Additionally, the workshops provide valuable opportunities for participants to learn, interact and create good memories together, enhancing cultural knowledge and at the same time strengthening the parent-child relationship.

“It is truly wonderful to have the opportunity to explore different cultures with our children. With students from Pakistan, Nepal, Korea and other diverse ethnic groups in both of my children’s schools, they can apply the knowledge gained from these workshops when they return to school.” —— Parent participant.

Multicultural Parent-Child workshop | Picture book reading 'Tale of Two Fadans' 'Meow Meow is Missing!'

There were two sessions of picture book reading in the workshop series. In the first session, the picture book 'Tale of Two Fadans' was read, telling the story of two characters from different ethnicities who are learning Chinese opera. Our Cultural Ambassadors acted as the characters in the story, bringing it to life through interactive elements of picture book and drama. The session emphasized that individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds may face challenges, teaching children the importance of supporting their friends, persevering through difficulties, and finding ways to overcome obstacles.

In the second session, the picture book 'Meow Meow is Missing!' was read, with Yau Ma Tei as the story background. With the guidance of Cultural Ambassadors, parents and children were able to explore the multicultural Yau Ma Tei community, meeting neighbors from different cultural backgrounds to promote the message of inclusion. The story incorporated interactive games and parent-child discussion sessions, encouraging children to express themselves and develop their observation skills. The participants were highly engaged, and the children had the opportunity to make new friends while enjoying the story and learning together.

Multicultural Parent-Child workshop | Arabic Words and Art

In the Arabic Words and Art workshop, both parents and children showed great interest in learning this seemingly unrelated language but in fact closely related to our lives. The workshops provided an opportunity to participants to explore different greetings in Arabic, to write Arabic words and design characteristic patterns under the guidance of cultural ambassadors. These activities fostered children’s interest in multiculturalism, and enriched their cultural knowledge and cultural intelligence.

As a community cultural center, Hong Kong Public Libraries provides a place for learning and interaction for readers of all ages. This collaboration between WEDO GLOBAL and Hong Kong Public Libraries not only facilitates cross-cultural communication and understanding but also conveys the message of inclusion to a broader range of stakeholders in society, aiming to promote a more inclusive and diverse society.


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